CAUGHT ON VIDEO LIVE!! Massive Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon today, 05-Aug-2020 GMT+8

A massive explosion happened in Beirut, Lebanon today with more than 50 casualties and thousands injured.

04-AUG-2020, Beirut

Source of the explosion apparently from a warehouse with stocks of ammonium nitrate seized from 2014.

Here is the live video captured from kms away from the explosion.

Aug 5, 2020 Massive Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

May those injured recover fast and RIP to those who passed away.

Press Release – Bong Go files Philippine Building Act to ensure safer and more disaster-resilient communities

is currently a Bill that when passed into Law, it is set to harmonize all codes for Buildings and Structures including sustainability and environmental protection.

  • National Building Code,
  • National Structural Code,
  • National Fire Code,
  • etc.

Why consulting a Civil/Structural Engineer for your Dream Home is important?

Your house may look pretty astonishing from the outside and the inside, but ask yourself the following: Does it built to resist a strong earthquake? Can it withstand a strong typhoon without major damages?

If you’re planning to build your dream home, these questions must be answered prior to construction. Proper consultation to relevant Civil/Structural Engineers is a must. Not only for the reason that is stated in the National Building Code but for the safety of yourself and your family. Otherwise, your dream home can be a potential killer structure in future.

The design process does not only involve beautiful drawings. As such when it was conceptualised and only for presentation purposes. A proper design also involves Structural Analysis whether one story or two storey building no matter how big or small the project is.

Structural Analysis is a key skill defined simply as the determination of the strength and foundation of the whole structure. This branch of science enables Civil Engineers to determine the most economical proportions and dimensions of columns, footings, beams, slabs and other structural elements that could withstand the forces of nature. The purpose of which is to ensure the safety of its residents.

Would you agree that you and your family’s safety should not be compromised? It must be a priority the same as design for safety. Consult a Civil Engineer for the construction of your dream home. It is also equally advisable to consult an Architect for the visual, accessibility, fire rating materials and aesthetic design aspect, but sound structural analysis and building should be the most important which are managed by a qualified Civil/Structural Engineer. It’s not only for legal aspect, but it is also logical and practical in the long term. Have a peace of mind in times of unforseen forces of nature strikes.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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Now the PHILVOCS posted the following guide on how to know if your home is SAFE.

Pinoy Engineers and Architects working overseas during Covid 19 is a blessing?

Thousands of OFW Engineers and Architects around the world has been significantly affected by the current pandemic brought by COVID-19. A few hundreds has either retrenched or if not experiencing salary cuts or forced unpaid leave since the beginning of lockdowns and stop work orders. Are you one of them?

Very few are considered lucky and only have to take the burden of WFH stressed or anxieties. Some feedbacks gathered like more workloads at hand compared to normal working days prior to the pandemic. But yeah, they are so blessed that their company gives proper and due support to keep them, either moral and/or resources.

When the time comes that we are allowed by authorities to go to work on site this month, it does create excitement at the beginning. Seeing your colleagues again in person after more than 3 months does create a certain positive outlook. But yeah, wearing a mask, social distancing are a must. New PPE protocols has to be followed along with tracing and a lot of safe entry and exit scannings.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL! COVID-19 prevention programmes has come into place and I guess it will stay for a bit longer. Para sa mga kababayan natin, kailangan natin ang pagsunod sa mga alituntunin at patakaran ng bansa kung saan tayo kumakayod.

What about you? Do you consider yourself lucky with your current work? Share your experience in the comment section below.