CAUGHT ON VIDEO LIVE!! Massive Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon today, 05-Aug-2020 GMT+8

A massive explosion happened in Beirut, Lebanon today with more than 50 casualties and thousands injured.

04-AUG-2020, Beirut

Source of the explosion apparently from a warehouse with stocks of ammonium nitrate seized from 2014.

Here is the live video captured from kms away from the explosion.

Aug 5, 2020 Massive Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

May those injured recover fast and RIP to those who passed away.


Pinoy Engineers and Architects working overseas during Covid 19 is a blessing?

Thousands of OFW Engineers and Architects around the world has been significantly affected by the current pandemic brought by COVID-19. A few hundreds has either retrenched or if not experiencing salary cuts or forced unpaid leave since the beginning of lockdowns and stop work orders. Are you one of them?

Very few are considered lucky and only have to take the burden of WFH stressed or anxieties. Some feedbacks gathered like more workloads at hand compared to normal working days prior to the pandemic. But yeah, they are so blessed that their company gives proper and due support to keep them, either moral and/or resources.

When the time comes that we are allowed by authorities to go to work on site this month, it does create excitement at the beginning. Seeing your colleagues again in person after more than 3 months does create a certain positive outlook. But yeah, wearing a mask, social distancing are a must. New PPE protocols has to be followed along with tracing and a lot of safe entry and exit scannings.

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL! COVID-19 prevention programmes has come into place and I guess it will stay for a bit longer. Para sa mga kababayan natin, kailangan natin ang pagsunod sa mga alituntunin at patakaran ng bansa kung saan tayo kumakayod.

What about you? Do you consider yourself lucky with your current work? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Palarong Pambansa 2018 Live

Opening Ceremony and Grand Parade of the Palarong Pambansa 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.49.51 PM.png

Student athletes from 17 regions across the country march to Elpidio Quirino Stadium in a parade to commence the opening ceremony of the Palarong Pambansa 2018 in Bantay, Ilocos Sur on April 15, 2018.

Carrying the theme, ‘Championing the Spirit of Young Filipino Athletes,’ the annual event seeks to gather delegates, coaches, teachers, Department of Education (DepEd) officials, regional directors, and regional sports officers to further promote camaraderie and sportsmanship through physical education and school sports.

As host of the Palarong Pambansa 2018, the local government officials of Ilocos Sur set the Quirino Stadium as the main sports complex with its 40 playing venues where the various sports will be held, while 32 schools from the province serve as the billeting areas for all the regional delegations and technical officials. Likewise, a total of 1,311 medals will be given to the winners.



The world’s first cryptocurrency bank will be launching this first quarter of this year 2018. Monspace group of companies and CEO, Dato Sri Jessy Lai, announced on a live broadcast on social media and facebook last Dec 28, 2017. Monspace Multinational Corporation has more than 20 business entities in more than 8 industries including e-commerce, real estate, telecommunication, agriculture, fashion, food & beverage, entertainment, Aviation, Infocomm Technology, hotel and restaurants, etc. It has more than 18 million members across the globe.

Recently, Monspace just launched their own blockchain technology in cryptocurrency called MSD last October 1, 2017 and now it is listed on the .

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.32.13 PM.png

MONSPACE BANK on it’s final stage to be open first at Hong Kong. Mobile Banking Apps for Android and Apple IOS soon to be launched.

Words from the CEO:
“3 Years ago, we told you Monspace Bank project is announced, 2 years ago we told you Monspace Bank is in progress, and today we tell you that Monspace Bank is in countdown stage!”

Monspace Bank is now in Beta version, it is undergoing testing to prevent from being hacked, and once the testings is over, Monspace Bank will be officially launch and all Monspace family members can start to register and open account! 

Watch the full Monspace Business Perspective 2017 here.

Currently, the value of MSD is fluctuating from $0.008 – $0.016. With the recent announcement of the launching of Monspace Bank wherein, MSD and Electronic Currency will also be accepted in for bank transactions, it will surely attract more investors and more merchants to utilise MSD as mode of payments and investment opportunities. And therefore, it will be a big boost for the uptrend value of MSD.


BSP issues advisory on Cryptocurrency

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has acknowledged the presence and increasing popularity of virtual currencies (VCs) or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In line with this, they’ve issued an advisory for those who wish to partake in the market or use VCs.

With the issuance of Circular No. 944 dated 6 February 2017, any VC exchanges or businesses engaged in VC trading are required to register with the BSP as remittance and transfer companies. Other than that, they are also requiring these exchanges to have security measures and safeguards to address the risks that come with VC trade. VCs, though, are still not endorsed by the BSP as legal tender, store of value or investment vehicles.


The BSP is advising everyone who are tempted to invest in VC to be wary of pyramid schemes disguised as initial coin offerings (ICO) or VC investments and to be cautious when dealing with transactions related to it. Apart from that, they are encouraging to only deal with BSP-registered VC exchanges to minimize risk.

Below is a list of security considerations from the BSP:

  1. Set-up and use a dedicated email account.  Avoid using the same email accounts or username that you have used in public platforms such as social media.
  2. Keep your VC-related email account to yourself.  In any VC transaction, users need their email account and password.  Thus, it is important to secure not only your password but also your email account.
  3. Set a strong password.  Use complex and hard-to-guess passwords (i.e. alphanumeric including symbols, lower and upper cases).  Avoid re-using the same password for more than one service.
  4. Observe basic internet security.  Exercise caution in accessing your VC wallet especially when using wi-fi connections.  Avoid installing software, browser plugins or downloading attachments from unknown or suspicious websites and emails.  At the same time, do not leave your device unattended.
  5. Subscribe to multi-factor authentication (MFA) provided by the VC wallet provider.  VC users should enable, whenever available, MFA options to their VC accounts.  Adding another layer of authentication can provide increased security to your VC account and transactions.
  6. Separate your funds and use cold storage.  VC funds should be separated in two or more digital wallets for transactional purposes.  The main wallet used to store VC funds for future use should be kept offline or popularly known as cold storage wallet to minimize vulnerability to theft, hacking or fraud.

You can check their full statement here.

source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

UFC 207: 48 seconds is what it takes for Amanda Nunes to TKO’s Ronda Rousey


LAS VEGAS — Amanda Nunes needed less than one minute to finish Ronda Rousey with a stunning first round TKO to cap off UFC 207 on Friday night in Las Vegas.

Rousey had stated  that this fight would be one of the last times she would ever step into the Octagon. Considering the results on Friday night, this might be the last time Rousey ever competes in the sport of mixed martial arts.


Untold or Unpublished Accomplishment for the first 120 days of Pres. Duterte


Wait a minute….

Did you know that we have a leader who …

… Has visited 14 military camps in just a month, including installations that no sitting president has ever laid eyes before. He also visited military hospitals and has invited wounded soldiers for a dinner get together in Malacanang. He was also able to conduct an actual command conference in Basilan.

…Has initiated peace talks with the left with the hope on ending a long standing armed struggle. Established goodwill by freeing prominent leftists leaders. Also pursuing peace talks with muslim secessionists.

…Has managed to negotiate for the release of foreigners held hostage by armed bandits in the south.

… Has handled a terrorist crisis well (Davao bombing) managing to immediately restore normalcy, personally visiting the dead and comforting the injured, and enabled the authorities to immediately track down the perpetrators. After which, he also managed to direct an all out offensive against the armed terrorists

…Has visited Batanes after a typhoon, and even if Batanes is governed by a prominent clan opposed to him.

… Has visited China, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam and attended an ASEAN Summit in Laos. Note the significance of giving priority to Asian neighbors. In China alone, he obtained commitment on investments and loans worth a combined $24Billion.

… in between two foreign trips, went to visit another typhoon ravaged area (Cagayan), on a Sunday when most people are resting…

… Has opened Malacanang to leftists, the first time ever said group was able to set foot in the palace.

…Has been mentioned or is a frequent topic of conversation now across the globe so much so that he and our country were even mentioned in a campaign rally by one of two presidential candidates in the US of A.

…Has managed to significantly improve airport and airline services, and got rid of the “tanim bala” scam by a simple directive.

…Has managed to improve LRT MRT services, including operation of basic but convenient facilities like escalators and elevators.

…Has managed to launch a nationwide emergency response system 911, and a nationwide government complaint center 8888 in just his first month in office.

… Has required the entire government to eliminate long lines or queue by ordinary people, and also simplify government transactions. For instance, drivers license are now valid for 5 years while passports will be valid for 10 years. Meanwhile, all permits and licenses and documents like NSO certificates, Seamans’ book should be released in 3 days.

…Has managed to sign an FOI for the executive branch of government, the only chief executive to do so.

… Has managed to significantly improve disaster preparedness and relief operations plus proper use and spend of government resources.

…Has managed to adopt changes in the agricultural sector to enable the country to be self reliant in food production and distribution. Most importantly, he ordered the DA to implement FREE IRRIGATION nationwide.

…Has paved the way to genuine land reform as well as directing the release of coco levy funds to the real beneficiaries.

… Has directed the adoption of responsible mining, and ordered DENR to comprehensively review all mining permits and impose sanctions to erring mining companies.

…Has directed the repatriation of stranded OFWs and personally welcoming them at the airport.

…Has managed to open one-stop-shops for OFW requirements for ease of transactions. Also ordered that balikbayan boxes worth less than P10,000 should be tax-free.

…Has ordered the discontinuance of ENDO for more than 10,000 affected workers.

…Has directed PAGCOR not renew licenses of online gambling and re-allocate its funds to be used to improve health services and education.

… Has managed to sneak in and around Metro Manila and personally put to task mayors who have been sleeping on the job. This is not being mentioned officially, and there will be a denial if there will be those who will try to confirm. Exhibit A: Divisoria Exhibit B: Alabang Exhibit C: Pasig

Finally —

800,000++ drug users pushers surrendering

20,000++ drug users pushers who were apprehended

1,500 drug users pushers killed in legitimate police operations

2,000 killed by unknown assailants and are under investigation.

Top drug lords either arrested or killed.

Protectors named

Details of Drug trafficking inside Bilibid revealed

A 10,000-capacity Mega Drug Rehab Facility being built in Nueva Ecija

Crime rate down by more than 40%

All these in 117 days..

… and with almost no more budget allocation for the year as this was used up in the 1st half by the previous admin..

By a foul mouth, uncouth, and psychopath president named Rodrigo Roa Duterte..

Need do we say more?



Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.

Gordon seeks probes on hash code change, transport system


MANILA – Returning Senator-elect Richard “Dick” Gordon on Thursday said that his first agenda upon his assumption to office in the Senate is to investigate the sudden change of the hash code in the transparency server of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) Center.

In an interview after he was officially proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Gordon also wanted to investigate the dismal failure of our transportation system.

Gordon, who placed 5th at the final tally of the NBOC garnering 16,297,838 votes, said he would call for a briefing from the Comelec, Smartmatic and other stakeholders of the latest elections to gather facts on the altering of the hash code.

“The alteration per se doesn’t seem to be a bad deal, but the timing is a very bad deal. Especially that alteration, apparently, I don’t know whether it is coincidence or deliberate, it resulted in a sudden rush of votes for other candidates. So with that sense, we should investigate,” Gordon said.

He said he will call the attention of Smartmatic and other parties to check their facts and allegations before making an investigation.

“Let me check the facts, I have to look into everything, you know I don’t shoot from the hip,” Gordon said.

Earlier, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. cried foul at the sudden cancellation of the Senate hearing on the Automated Election System (AES).

In a statement, Marcos said the hearing was intended to clarify the alteration of the script in the transparency server, which impacts significantly on the sanctity and integrity of the electoral system.

“Smartmatic officials owe the public a clearer explanation, rather than a cursory excuse, why they can’t participate,” Marcos said.

Marcos said that the hearing was not pursued due to a “last minute” notice from Smartmatic, the technology provider of the Comelec, that they could not attend.

“Smartmatic has been quick to claim that such change was merely cosmetic and did not in any way alter the results of the elections. If that is so, we expect them to be the ones eager to take advantage of the opportunity which the hearing is providing to settle the issue,” Marcos said.

Transport probe

Meanwhile, Gordon also said he would initiate a deeper investigation into the dismal failure of our transport system, which was highlighted by a brownout at the airport and the breakdown of trains of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT).

“We have to rationalize the system. I may have an investigation on the actual state of our ports. Why are we not competitive? Why are our airplanes always delayed? Why are we not opening Subic and Clark? Why are we not expanding some of our airports which some have to be expanded?” Gordon asked.

With this, Gordon, former tourism secretary in 2003, said he will also summon the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) during the budget hearing why they are not honoring the tax incentives given to tourist service-oriented establishments.

“We would like also to investigate why the BIR did not allow incentives to more hotels, more investments,” Gordon said.

Commending Comelec

Gordon also commended the Comelec for a job well done.

“The Comelec did a relative good job here. We had to squeeze it out of them. We thank them for having implemented it. They could not easily have implemented it – if we recall – but they did it,” Gordon said.

Also, Gordon vowed to push for the enactment of the law against contractualization.

“I am supportive on that, we should take advantage of our people anymore. Mahirap walang benepisyo ang mga taong nagtatrabaho,” Gordon said.

Source: InterAksyon

President Rody Duterte: Won by Landslide May Election 2016 Philippines

PDP Laban Presidential aspirant Rody Duterte is leading the Partial and Unofficial Results and according to some analyst, there is no chance that Grace Poe or Mar Roxas is going to win anymore.

Mayor Duterte is still leading by 5M-6M to the second placer Mar Roxas and some analyst expected that this gap will still increase. Ad of 12:00Noon on May 10, 2016 The Partial Unofficial results is as follows with over 15Million votes for Rodrigo Duterte.

Many supporters is planning to celebrate the victory of Mayor Rody Duterte in their homes.

some of the supporters of other Presidentiables and said that they already accepted the result and they are willing to cooperate with the next President of the Philippines.

“We congratulate Mayor Rody Duterte, please do what you promised in the Philippines” One of the Netizen said to our source.

The soon to be President Rody Duterte offered friendship to his opponents.

Rody Duterte said that his victory party in Malacañang will be simple and no liquor will be served, only cola.

The final result of the election will be announced after the Official Canvassing is completed by the Comelec.

Mayor Duterte’s “Miting de Avance” in Luneta Draws Over A Million Supporters

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 3.10.43 AM
May 7, 2016: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte held his grand rally called “Miting de Abance” in the historic Luneta Park in Manila. The rally was also streamed online and viewed by more than hundred thousand netizens. The said event also trend on Twitter and televised on some regional TV stations. Other key Cities and Provinces also held a simultaneous show rally where thousands of supporters attended as shown on the photo above.
According to reports, over one million people came to Luneta to show their support for Mayor Rody Duterte. Below were the images captured during the event.

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 All photos are grabbed from facebook. Credit to the respective owners.
Below is an aerial video coverage of the said event with massive attendance.
Comment your thoughts below.