6 Years Olds Learning How to Swim

Today, I’m gonna share an experience with our kid on his first swimming lesson. This was decided unplanned. More often, activities that are carefully plan for our kids don’t happen without arguments and compromising agreements. Does it happen to you as well?

Our closest family friends here in Singapore paid us a visit a day before and we talked about their 6 years old son, MyJ, having his first swimming lesson on the next day at Northvale Condomium Swimming pool in Choa Chu Kang. So my wife and I have decided to bring Yaf, our 6 years old son and see if he will get his interest and face his fear on water.

MyJ learning how to to float on water with the swimming trainer

As usual, conditioning our son’s mind in the beginning is important. I also struggle on getting his swimwear on. Lots of twist and compromise, making him feel safe and secure in my watch. In the end, he is ready when I told him that we already paid the swimming lesson and it would be a waste of money if he will not do it. It’s really  important to teach financial education to our kids this days, would you agree?

1st Lesson: Basic legs movement

First thing first, as parents, I need to make sure and observe how the Swimming Instructor teach the other kids before I let my son learn how to swim. About 4 kids today were under his watch and of course ensuring how he is managing the 1 hour time frame for all of them. Looking to how Mr. Bobby patiently teaching the other kids, I was convinced and told him to start teaching my son and right away, he asked my son to go in the water.

Surprisingly, my son just went into the water without hesitation. And immediately follows what the swimming teacher instructs him to do. My wife and I filled with mixed emotions while looking at our son learning how to swim.

It was an overwhelming experience indeed. Both our kids are quite satisfied and had some fun together. The only words they said were ” I’m hungry”. So we end up taking queue for ice cream cone at McDonalds after their swimming lesson. 🙂 Yes, we bring the rest of the gang to support our super kids. More photos below:

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Watch out for their next swimming lesson this Saturday. And also we promised the kids to go to a farm here in Singapore the next day. Please subscribe or follow my website.

You should live without limits.

Yaf & MyJ with sisters, Jess, Ana & Amoure… and the parents, Jeremy, Manet & myself



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