The New Normal on financials, stocks or crypto?

As everyone and elsewhere around the world is affected by the current pandemic brought by COVID-19, including the global stock markets, you may need to review your financial portfolio and decide which one to let go and which to be retained. Others who have high hopes on few markets will buy the dip, but which is which?

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Meanwhile, cryptocurrency market enthusiast around the world has never been excited at this times. While Bitcoin has been on the flat levels at $9100-$9400, other altcoins has more abrupt movements. This is where the day traders can gain profits.

Another new feature on crypto market are the rise of Stablecoins and Digital Banks. As these are pegged to a dollar, significant platforms and and big exchangers are offering staking programme whereby they offer much bigger interest rates than that of traditional banks time or fixed deposits.

A new start-up Digital Bank has been recently launch by a multi-industry company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and taking storm on social platforms. The digital crypto bank, Monies Bank is offering staking of MSC stablecoin and now has over 10 Million clients around the world and mostly business entrepreneurs from China.

MONIES BANK App registration is free at this LINK.

Monies digital bank provides clients with comprehensive financial services across the traditional financial and cryptocurrency financial industry, global interface, including commercial banks, investment banks, asset management, trust and other services.

It is worth mentioning that the “water release” of the global central bank caused by the epidemic will bring some liquidity benefits to the encrypted assets, especially after the implementation of “zero interest rate” in the United States this year, there will be likelihood of low interest rate or even zero interest rate for a long time in the future. Compared with other financial assets, the encrypted assets should be a relatively periodic and valuable investment Capital target, so there is still a lot of room for encryption assets to rise in the future.

In line with the main business of Coinbase, bringing global asset allocation and value-added services to customers and institutions, especially encryption assets, is a strong point of Monies Digital Banking. In other words, this year will be the best time for business volume to break out.

In addition, Monies digital bank has the following differentiated competitiveness:

1. The core members of the digital bank come from the international first-line quantitative hedge funds, and have carried out in-depth cooperation with the top hedge funds in the domestic futures market to ensure that the mainstream encrypted digital assets deposited by users can obtain α excess return higher than the market in Munich.

2. Different from traditional banks, all operations of digital banks are completed through smart contracts on the Monies public chain. All operations can be checked on the chain, reducing human participation, and asset management is highly transparent and decentralized.

3. As an asset management provider, digital banks have multiple asset supports, including legal currency, cryptocurrency, minerals, real estate, patent credit, etc., which are more secure and stable than a single asset and protect the security of customer assets in an all-round way.

4. The digital bank has a licensed exchange BICC and missimx, as well as an Estonian stock exchange license. It has its own digital assets platform in the encrypted financial market in Asia Pacific and Europe, which provides investors with more convenient, larger volume, better depth and smaller price difference digital assets trading services.

5. Unique decentralized growth system. Digital banks recruit 1000 super nodes from all over the world, participate in the expansion and management of Monies global business, build a healthy investment ecosystem, and share the digital bank operational benefits.

Deployment 2: Mpay payment ecology + MSC stable currency system

Current electronic payment tools can’t meet the anonymous needs of the public – internet payment and bank card payment are closely bound with the traditional bank account system, and from the current global payment infrastructure and business reality, limited by the complex international regulation and the huge difference in the legal framework of each country.

Based on blockchain technology, payment and settlement can bypass all kinds of centralized control, which is inherently transnational, not subject to any geographical restrictions, anonymous and tamper-proof, and can transfer funds to all parts of the world in a few minutes.

The increasing adaption of blockchain-based payment has been unstoppable, and the digital payment industry will also change, so as to build a new payment pattern that is more inclusive, more secure, more real-time, more intelligent, more cross-border and more efficient.

Disclaimer: The above blog may have contain material from other source in the internet and credit is due to the respective creators or owners. This is likewise not an investment advice or whatsoever kind of financial advise. All contents hereafter are for general information only.


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