6 Years Olds Learning How to Swim

Today, I’m gonna share an experience with our kid on his first swimming lesson. This was decided unplanned. More often, activities that are carefully plan for our kids don’t happen without arguments and compromising agreements. Does it happen to you as well?

Our closest family friends here in Singapore paid us a visit a day before and we talked about their 6 years old son, MyJ, having his first swimming lesson on the next day at Northvale Condomium Swimming pool in Choa Chu Kang. So my wife and I have decided to bring Yaf, our 6 years old son and see if he will get his interest and face his fear on water.

MyJ learning how to to float on water with the swimming trainer

As usual, conditioning our son’s mind in the beginning is important. I also struggle on getting his swimwear on. Lots of twist and compromise, making him feel safe and secure in my watch. In the end, he is ready when I told him that we already paid the swimming lesson and it would be a waste of money if he will not do it. It’s really  important to teach financial education to our kids this days, would you agree?

1st Lesson: Basic legs movement

First thing first, as parents, I need to make sure and observe how the Swimming Instructor teach the other kids before I let my son learn how to swim. About 4 kids today were under his watch and of course ensuring how he is managing the 1 hour time frame for all of them. Looking to how Mr. Bobby patiently teaching the other kids, I was convinced and told him to start teaching my son and right away, he asked my son to go in the water.

Surprisingly, my son just went into the water without hesitation. And immediately follows what the swimming teacher instructs him to do. My wife and I filled with mixed emotions while looking at our son learning how to swim.

It was an overwhelming experience indeed. Both our kids are quite satisfied and had some fun together. The only words they said were ” I’m hungry”. So we end up taking queue for ice cream cone at McDonalds after their swimming lesson. 🙂 Yes, we bring the rest of the gang to support our super kids. More photos below:

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Watch out for their next swimming lesson this Saturday. And also we promised the kids to go to a farm here in Singapore the next day. Please subscribe or follow my website.

You should live without limits.

Yaf & MyJ with sisters, Jess, Ana & Amoure… and the parents, Jeremy, Manet & myself




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Credit to owner of photo. Taken from Facebook

By Pika Yonzon.

On my way to Divisoria, I decided to take the PNR Train to Tutuban from Pasay to save time and money. I can rough it real hard whenever needed. Traffic jam was in its usual terrible state, nagmamadali na ako. Kebs naman ang makipag siksikan. To be fair, bilib ako sa train stations. No fuss, pero precise ang information (train sched) and people who man the stations are nice.

Eto lang. Ang tao mismo problema. For one, daming basura sa riles. Mananapak na talaga ako ng tao sa mukha pag makita ko na di sila marunong mag tapon ng tama. Then when getting on/off the train, people just squeeze and shout, gambling their lives. Then the sights. Shanties with naked hungry children everywhere, ang dumi dumi. During the ride, I pondered. Who among our presidential candidates can change these things?

Grace Poe. As much as she impressed me during the live debate, I do not think our country needs a graceful thinking mother. She does have plans, she knows the numbers, parang Nanay na alam ang diskarte sa budget ng bahay. Pag kasama mo siya sa tren, siya yung yayakap sa’yo at sasabihin

“Anak, kapit kalang sakin, ingat ka sa magnanakaw. Wag ka makikipag eye contact, hawakan mo wallet mo.”

Miriam Santiago. Lola na wais. She does have the brains and balls to run after crooks. But she’s frail. She also tends to go bat shit crazy. Pag kasama mo siya sa tren, siya yung sisigawan ang naka upong lalake,

“Hey you! Can’t you see I’m a woman and I am older than you? Be a gentleman and let us sit!”

Tapos proud ka kasi nang away ang lola mo.

I won’t waste time trying to analyze why I will not vote for Roxas and Binay. Let’s just say: Been there, done that, didn’t work, why waste my vote. Pag sila kasama mo sa tren, Roxas will Instagram it and say

“I know how it feels.”

Pag si Binay naman, dedma lang, bubulsa ang napulot na P20.

Rody Duterte. Yung klase na Tatay na old school. Yung kinakatakutan mo. Yung may sinturon o walis tambo, inaabangan ka sa gate pag late ka umuwi o di mo nahugasan yung pinagkainan. He will spank your ass until it turns black and blue so you will not forget your duties and responsibilities. And that, my dear friends, is exactly what we Filipinos need. PALO SA PWET NG MALUPIT. Tama na “ikaw boss ko” bullshit. We can’t handle democracy. Especially when ran by demagogues. Kailangan ma pingot bawat Pilipino na di marunong mag tapon ng tama. Di marunong sumunod sa traffic rules. Di marunong mag family planning. Di marunong pumila. Pag siya kasama mo sa tren baka nilabas ang baril at sinigawan lahat

“Hoy kayong lahat! Magsipila kayo ng maayos! Hoy! Hindi basurahan ang riles! Gusto mo bigti kita?!”

Sabay akbay sa matanda para tulungang makasakay.

To be a great country, we need to be great people. No matter how nice Poe’s plans are, no matter how solid Miriam’s promises are, it will not address the core problem: Us. And Duterte will instill fear. Terror perhaps. We do need radical change. Desperate times call for desperate measure.

Desperado na tayo sa pagbabago. Nagawa na natin si Grace Poe, nakita na natin ang caring (sosyal) mother attack kay Cory. Nakita na natin ang wits and balls kay GMA. Nakita na natin ang Mar Roxas kay Pnoy, same elitists (complete with showbiz friends). Nakita na natin ang Trapo ilan beses na. And come on, sa patalastas palang eh tagos na tagos na ang ka plastikan. Ma e-equate ba natin na nakita na natin si Duterte kay Macoy? Nah. Wala namang cronies ito. And tignan mo lang ang Davao, nang malaman mo. Nung panahon ng Yolanda, andun siya, a real Man of Action. Siya mismo nag bigay food and care straight to the victims walang parada ng press. Sa pag laban sa droga at iba pang krimen, parang Batman nga ang dating ni Duterte. Yun nga lang, si Bruce Wayne sa asylum nilalagay ang kalaban. Si Duterte sa impyerno. As much as killing people goes against my moral core, kung baga sa baraha, huling alas ko na si Duterte.

Siya nga ang tipong Tatay na pipingutin ka pag naka kalat mga gamit mo sa sala. Ang tipong Tatay na papaluhurin ka sa asin pag ang report card mo puro bokya. Pero siya rin ang tipong Tatay na aabangan ka sa sala kahit madaling araw maka siguro lang na safe ka. Siya yung pag nasa mall kayo at pagod ka na, kakargahin ka sa balikat niya na may ngiti pa. Siya yung tipong Tatay na bibigay sayo yung pagkain niya pag bitin ka, kahit na gutom siya. Siya yung unang luluha pag nakita ka niyang tumanggap ng diploma. Lalong lalo na siyang tipong Tatay na sasapak sa manliligaw mong bastos.

Rody Duterte is running for president. He wants to fix this country with all his heart. But he cannot do it alone. Like I said, to be a great country we need to be great people. Rody Duterte is the kind of guy who can wake up the greatness in all of us by challenging us, by facing all criminals with no political ambitions, by being frank (di siya makikipag plastikan sa atin), by citing what we should be and what we can do. Diba nga, siya yung tipong Tatay who will push us to the top even if it means grounded tayo mag DoTA o grounded makipag date.

Pag lapag ng paa ko sa Tutuban, malinaw na kung sino… Si Rody Duterte yung bobotohin ko kasi alam ko pag nanalo siya first option ko na ang tren tuwing pupunta ako ng Divisoria. Kasi alam kong malinis na ang kapaligiran, disiplinado na mga tao, at wala nang mga hubad na bata sa riles. Siya ang magpapabago sa atin at ng bansa natin.


Noon alas ko si Gordon. Di ko malaan bakit pinili ng mga Pilipino yung pinaka walang laman ang utak, este, track record. Gordon had the same principle: be great together by being great yourself kaya siya parati nag uudyok na tayo’y mag volunteer. Duterte is asking the same thing. Even with his campaign, he has no money to have TV ads, no money for posters and billboards. He’s saying we can make noise for him. So if you are for Duterte, please campaign for him. To my friends in advertising and film making, if you’re for Duterte, do this country a favor and make something for him! Huling alas na natin si ‪#‎DU30‬ para sa pagbabago.